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In today’s dynamic industry, driven tax planning is an essential part of your company’s overall financial strategy in ensuring business success. As tax reform dynamically changes, let Pleasanton Tax Consultants advise you on minimizing and managing your tax obligations. Our team of certified professionals works closely with you to develop a strategic tax plan to support your business goals and create opportunities to drive growth, increase profitability, and fund development.


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At Pleasanton Tax Consultants, our CPA tax accountants take holistic strategies to tax preparation and provide customized tax planning by industry. Our proficiency and personal services enable our clients to resolve complicated tax disputes with confidence. With our deep understanding of small business accounting to the intricacies of revenue recognition and the tax consequences, we offer expert business tax services to enable businesses, organizations, or individuals to direct complicated accounting and regulatory needs.


Pleasant Tax Consultants are composed of a dedicated and passionate team of professionals who will help devise a tax strategy that will position your company for growth and development. From acquiring valuable tax credits and incentives to ensuring your company is maximizing advantages of R&D tax credits, our consultancy services focus on determining regional, federal, and state programs that support business goals and increases efficiency.


Partnering with Pleasanton Tax Consultants is imperative. Our strategic planning proficiency guarantees you proactively prepare for tax responsibilities in the entire year not only during the tax preparation season. The financial and tax advisor team at Pleasanton Tax Consultants work with wide-ranging businesses from startups to established middle-market companies.

Upgrading your financial strategies with the help of CPA tax accountants plays an important role in your business’s future success, regardless of your establishments’ size.


How Our Taxation and Accounting Services Help Your Business Succeed


Tax preparation


We can provide business and personal income tax preparation services throughout and outside the United States. As certified expert professionals in tax preparation, you can save costs by finding credits and deductions you are qualified for while continuously helping you comply with federal and state regulations.


Tax planning


Our tax planning services are tailored to help you, your family, and your business administer the tax code effectively. It is to mitigate your tax liabilities while orchestrating a tax-efficient financial strategy for investments and retirement.


 Tax Compliance and Disclosure


The Internal Review Service (IRS) has established specific programs that offer entitled taxpayers reduced penalties for the voluntary disclosure of unreported income and accounts. We can help you to explore your options if you have the undisclosed US or foreign income to report through Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures.


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Audit Representation


Suppose you or your establishment have been chosen for a tax audit. In that case, Pleasanton Consultants’ CPA tax accountants are ready to offer extensive audit defense services. Our team of experts will make your preparation of what to expect, deal with IRS auditors and requests for evidence on your behalf, and protect your legal rights as a taxpayer throughout every facet of the audit operation.


Our team of professionals is committed and passionate about helping clients’ businesses succeed. This commitment broadens beyond individual and business needs on tax consulting and creates trusted relationships. We are genuinely passionate about helping you achieve great opportunity and development.


Work with Pleasanton Tax Consultants for customized tax consultancy services that will position your company for the future.