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Frequently Asked Questions Page

We know you have a lot of questions in mind, but we prepared some of the commonly asked questions and answered them for you. It is only right to know and understand more about the taxation and accounting services we do to trust us.

Get your facts straight about Tax Consultants Pleasanton, CA’s services.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual tax consulting?

Virtual tax consulting is a new process of doing taxation and accounting tasks online.

Which means our team is outsourced from a third party and is working with you remotely. Don’t worry as virtual tax practitioners do the same work as an in-house accountant. Our skilled tax accountants are qualified and screened to do this job. Our services include accounting, financial audit, and tax planning. 

How does a virtual tax consultant do his job remotely?

With fast-paced of the technological world we have, a virtual tax consultant is possible. 

They do their job through the internet and with reliable accounting software and inform you of the results through any social media platforms or any agreed hosting service you and your virtual practitioner have.

All the information that was made by your team, you can access them through your mobile phone. It is easy and convenient for you.

What kind of businesses or companies can virtual tax consultancy help, and how?

Virtual tax consultancy is open to all types of business. Whether it may be small, mid-size, or large enterprises, anyone can have our service. As long as you need taxation and accounting services, we are available to everybody.

How can we make sure that the job is done well, and the results are accurate and complete?

Tax Consultants Pleasanton, CA’s virtual tax practitioners, are screened and highly trained to be qualified for this job. The training includes their improvement in delivering outputs accurately, efficiently, and transparently.

The team checks everything repeatedly, all reports and data necessary to present. It leads to our clients’ satisfaction and the reason they keep on trusting the books on us.

How much do your services cost?

Our virtual tax consultancy packages are very affordable. This basic package includes tax planning and accounting data entry.

The rate increases as the services are getting more comprehensive. 

Do you offer a free initial consultation?

Yes, we do offer a free initial consultation. It allows both of us a chance to determine if our services are a good fit for your situation.

Should I invest in accountancy software?

Investing in accountancy software such as QuickBooks can be useful if you have had the right training.

However, accounting software can be expensive, but when you are with us, it will be a burden off your shoulders as we will have the required software.

Hopefully, you learned something from us. We know virtual tax consulting is still new for you, but we promise to help you along the way as you start with us. We will do our best to keep your business right on track and grow as your goals set it to be. 

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions when you call us. Tax Consultants Pleasanton, CA, will be happy to explain everything you need. 




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